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Welcome, Goalie Parents!

You are a passionate and dedicated group!

You have advocated for change in minor hockey organizations and coaches for years. Your pleas have centered around two critical points: the need for coaches to delve deeper into goaltending and the importance of qualified, certified mentors for your young goalies.

We have to blame the system, not the coaches. The majority of them love the game and genuinely want to help the kids. They are generally volunteers; we appreciate them and couldn’t run the games without them. Still, there is a clear gap in their overall knowledge and skills regarding coaching goaltenders.

So, what is a goalie parent to do?

Recognize Inadequate Coaching And The Potential Consequences:

You must also learn to spot and address coaching issues and get the necessary answers. Become a student of the position, delving into the root cause of deficiencies and understanding proper goaltending techniques and the habits of young goalkeepers. was explicitly created for goalie parents just like you and minor hockey coaches. Our sole mission is to help you understand goaltending better and instill confidence in your young goalies by providing sound advice.

“It’s not an excuse when your team doesn’t have a goalie coach. Find a way to help your goalies: Read books, watch videos, do some research. We don’t ask you to be perfect—just put in some effort. Coaches’ instructions are sometimes ‘just stop pucks’, and this is sad.”

Marco Marciano Goalie Coach, Gold Medal Women’s Olympic Hockey, AHL