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Develop Your Goalies Properly

Even If You Don’t Understand The Position

Develop & Communicate Effectively With Your Goalie
Win More Games, Boost Team Confidence & Improve Team Scoring

The Worlds Best Online Program Can Teach Anyone How To Evaluate & Properly Develop Basic Goalie Skills Confidently.



The Solution To One Of The Biggest Problems In Hockey

This Course should Be A Mandatory Requirement to Coach Minor Hockey, or Parent A Goalie

Essential Core Goaltending Skills
Certification Course

Every Coach Needs This Valuable Training Course...

This Course Addresses One of The Biggest Parent Complaints Globally, Within All Minor Hockey Organizations

This Certification Program Should Be a Mandatory Requirement to Coach Minor Hockey

This is not only our opinion, but that of many professional players and those within the game who understand the importance of proper goaltending development.

Organizations already utilizing this program have seen a dramatic improvement in their overall goaltending development, in addition to happier parents and more confident coaches who are able to not only more efficiently and properly work with their goaltenders, but improve the overall moral and work ethic of their entire team.

This is accomplished as coaches gain a far better understanding of how to develop their goalies through better and more complete practice planning. Players must them also work harder to improve their own play. This in turn creates a more cohesive team with better defined goals and direction.

What We Offer?

The goal of every minor hockey organization is to properly develop their players and to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately the goaltenders are often left to fend for themselves, or worse, given incorrect coaching. This is a well documented problem! And regularly results in young goaltenders leaving the game in despair.

It is incumbent on the organizations to provide ALL players, including the goalies, with proper coaching…most fail miserably in this area and this is simply unfair to the children and their parents.

Is This Happening in YOUR Organization?
Sadly, The Answer is Usually, YES!

Our Essential Goaltending Skills Certification online course, contains literally EVERYTHING you need to understand how to help young goalies to properly develop, love the game even more AND stay in it longer!

This course has helped many coaches and parents to positively affect young lives, win more games and be remembered as someone who genuinely cared.

I’m offering this program right now huge price reductions (as low as $149) for organizations or individuals who purchase multiple courses. SAVE BIG $$.

Minor hockey organizations can receive huge discounts by purchasing multiple courses for their Head Coaches and player development organizers.

The content within this program is literally worth 10X the price we are selling it for. However, my mission is to help as many coaches possible, to help their goalies play better and love the game even more. This is why I am offering the program at this ridiculously low price for a short time – so we can get this information to as many coaches as possible, to positively affect the lives of young goalies across the world, subsequently reducing the drop out rate and keeping goaltenders in the game longer. I urge you to become part of the solution and break the cycle.

You need to jump in on this deal RIGHT NOW!

This program combines the Target Practice book content – with has been endorsed by many professionals – with 14 modules, loaded with information. Over 120 video demonstrations, multiple choice testing, grading, certification diploma and so much more content I don’t have the space here to tell you.

We invested over 1000 hours, filming, editing, scripting, etc., to create this program.
We worked with a world renowned, award winning movie and TV producer to create incredible content, as well as a nationally accredited educator to develop an entertaining and fun curriculum that is easy to understand and retain.

Trust me, this course will help your organization to be proud of your coaches.
No organization wants its coaches to be remembered for ruining a goalies love of the game!
Believe me, this happens far more than you can possibly know…

Stop allowing your coaches to ‘wing it’ when working with their goaltenders – or worse, ignoring them!
I see so many coaches who are trying to do the right things to help their goalies, yet all they are doing is succeeding at making their goaltenders really good, at doing things incorrectly.
I beg you, please don’t allow this to continue!

Get the knowledge needed to actually run proper drills, learn how to determine the root cause of deficiencies within your goaltenders play AND know how to repair those areas correctly, while better knowing how to communicate with your goalie.

As a coach you need to understand that as your coaches get the knowledge they need, the goalies will quickly improve, entire teams will gets better, practices will become more effective and the players will be challenged to become better shooters. Your organization will be seen in much more positive light, progressive and more caring of its players and coaches.

This all translates to far happier parents, a better experience and continually improving results for everyone involved in your organization! Even potentially increasing revenues as parents recognize your organization as ‘the place to play’.

Everyone benefits! From the entire organization to coaches, to players, to parents!

For Minor Hockey Organizations

Minor Hockey Organizations Receive HUGE DISCOUNTS with multiple purchases. Provide Essential Goaltending Skills Certification training to every coach in your organization.

For Goalies

Give the goalies the effective training they deserve and show the parents you care about the most ignored aspect of most organizations… PROPER GOALIE DEVELOPMENT.

The goalies will love the game even more because they will be able to properly develop, through proper coaching, while advancing their play, much more rapidly.

For Coaches

Your coaches will be thrilled at the prospect of finally understanding how to most effectively develop their goalies and proper practice plans.

For Parents

The parents on your teams will forever be grateful to see their children are being taught with the same vigour and confidence as the players have been, for years.


EVERY Essential Goaltending Skills Certification program includes the following:

FREE 52 Weeks GOALIE 911
Value $1500 +

FREE Downloadable copy of #1 Bestselling book: Target Practice, 8 Mistakes That Ruin a Love of the Game (endorsed by Don Cherry)

FREE Access to Target Practice Initiative website with hundreds of tips and drills.


Choose the certification plan that best
suits you!


Single Certification Program



SAVE on Bulk Orders

From $149 (each)

*All Prices are in USD