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Get The Certification Program That Provides All The Tools & Information

to Properly Develop a Young Goaltender.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Essential Goaltending Skills Certification program has been created for all ages and skills and includes techniques and drills used at EVERY level and age group from Tyke to NHL.

Goaltenders must receive skills development training from a coach who not only understands the position and how to define the root cause of a problem, having the ability to break down the components of each technique and then effectively communicate with the goaltender to create a development plan with specific defined components and action plans. Many so-called ‘goalie coaches’ are really nothing more than drill mongers who actually make the goaltender better at doing many skills incorrectly. Goaltending is the most technical position in all of sports. Why would anyone think it can be taught by someone simply because they used to play the game or have watched games on television?

Team coaches are on the ice at every practice and work with all players on skills development. The goaltender plays the most crucial position on the team and the most technologically advanced position in sports. It is vital that each team have a trained coach on the ice who has sufficient knowledge of the position and proper training techniques, so the goalie can also properly develop their skills every time they are on the ice.

It’s really up to the team to decide what structure works best. The Head Coach usually has many responsibilities and often cannot dedicate much time to the goalies. The most important factor is having one person dedicated to working with the goalies throughout the season and is responsible for setting up the training program. All team coaches should be involved and understand this plan, but the mail person responsible should be the one who takes the course. Many teams will have two or even three coaches take the ECGS’ Certification course to ensure consistency.

We provide 14 days to complete a 3 to 4-hour course and allow for review. This time is more than sufficient time to complete the course. Please be sure you are committed to completing the program in the time allotted. There can be no extension.

The course will shut down and lock the user out if multiple logins are detected. We DO encourage coaches to go through the material together and share the course as a team function.

We have heard this sentiment of goalie parents worldwide for more than 30 years. Please urge your association to consider making this program available to all coaches within your league. We regularly see minor hockey organizations genuinely dedicated to their goalies, who will sign up at least one coach from each team. This is wonderful for the goals, the goalie parents, and the teams who benefit significantly from better goaltending and happier players and teams who become much stronger overall.