Play Todays Style, Within Your Ability


Welcome, Adult Goalies!

Congratulations on taking the plunge into the world of goaltending. To ensure you enjoy the journey while avoiding injuries and to hone your skills effectively within your abilities, it’s crucial to get it right from the start.

Being a goalie isn’t merely about blocking shots. As an adult, you must be acutely aware of your abilities, skills, and physical limitations.

Self-taught goalies often:

So, what is a beginner adult goalie to do?

You must also learn to identify weaknesses in your game and find the answers you need. Become a student of the position, delving into the root causes of your deficiencies and understanding proper goaltending techniques and playing habits. was explicitly created for adult goalies just like you, as well as goalie parents and coaches. Our sole mission is to help you gain a deeper understanding of goaltending and boost your confidence in your game through sound advice.

Welcome to the journey! Together, we’ll make your goaltending experience enjoyable and continually developing.

“For goalies, it’s like trying to attend university before grade school… Coaches expect them to play well, develop skills and learn the game, but they don’t even provide the basic goaltending skills that are the vital foundation they need to build upon.”

Allen Kool Founder of Q5X, Innovator and Manufacturer of Wireless Technology for the Sports Industry, Award Winning Film Producer